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VAM system - is a father and son
Štefan and Richard Vámoš - that is Us.

Before I started a business with my son, I taught at the Levice Industrial High School for more than 20 years. I devoted my life to engineering and technical improvements. I have always maintained that theory must be in harmony with practice, and this belief is still with me today.

The beginning - internship in a German automotive school

During my teaching practice, my colleague and I were sent to Cologne for an internship, where we attended the famous automobile school "Nikolai August Otto Schule". For me as a teacher and developer, working with German experts was a tremendous asset, not only in the area of automotive electronics. It changed my perspective on many things. It also gave me the idea to develop and produce a unique vehicle security system.

Development of the VAM security system

I began to work on my idea in 1986. In the 1990s, the first computerization appeared in cars, and I started to consider a readable system. I ceaselessly developed the VAM system for 20 years. I worked 16 to 20 hours a day. Car thieves themselves gave me ideas for the security system. They inspired me with various sophisticated tricks. I gradually figured out how the cars are stolen, and I focused on a resolute solution.

We sold our house and other property so that my son and I can continue to develop our dream. After many years, I managed to develop a security system, the name of which is a shortcut of our family surname "VAM", and which can perfectly protect your car against theft. My whole family and my son Richard, who now runs the company, have always helped me with my work.

We appreciate that thousands of our satisfied clients put their trust in us. We believe that if you decide to secure your car with our unique security system, you will also become part of our big happy family.

Securing vehicles is not just a job, its our philosophy.

Štefan and Richard Vámoš

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